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  • The electric Resistance Tomograph PiCUS : TreeTronic is used in conjunction with the PiCUS Sonic Tomograph for tree risk assessment in order  to get detailed information about the thickness of the residual walls and type of stage of a defect such as decay. The TreeTronic tomograms show in particular the early stages of decay and support …

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  • Bending and compression strength measurement The Fractometer II is a mechanical measurement instrument to determine characteristic values of bending and compression strength of wood. These parameters and characteristic strength values are obtained by means of a core sample (diameter: 5 mm) that has to be placed in the corresponding clamping device and aligned according to …

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  • IML-RESI PD-Series The IML PowerDrill can be used wherever reliable and meaningful measurements are required. Application areas Tree care and inspection to maintain safe parks, roadways and forests Check the stability of utility poles Diagnose decay in wooden playground equipment as required by law Inspect structural wood in timbered houses, bridges and buildings on stilts …

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  • Increment borer help to test the wood quality and the rate of growth of trees. They are manufactured with sturdy special steel and are Teflon-coated to avoid frictional heat (important when the increment borer is used to inspect standing / sap conducting trees.) Given the damage caused to the tree, the extraction of a core …

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  • Tree diagnosis of the new generation Municipalities and private owners are held liable for damages caused by their trees. Most often trees are broken or thrown because of decay by fungal infections. To avoid risks the safety of trees has to be assessed on a regular basis.  The PiCUS® Sonic Tomograph is an instrument to …

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  • The Tree Motion Sensors (TMS)  are used to measure the real dynamic sway motion of trees in natural winds. The TMS are tilt-meters that are attached to the base of the tree – similar to the static load test – in order to measure the tilt of the root plate. The TMS tilt data shows the actual …

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  • The TreeQinetic system is used to carry out load tess (or pull tests) on trees for which an advanced tree risk assessment is needed. The TreeQinetic load test is measuring both the bending strength of the tree stem and the anchoring strength of the tree root system. The tree pulling test method has been developed …

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  • IML Measuring Table The growth behaviour of trees provides important information about climatic circumstances and temporary or persistent changes of the environmental conditions. In order to correctly identify and measure the annual rings of trees with small growth, every detail of the processing and evaluation is important. The IML Measuring Table is designed for tree …

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