Increment Borer

Increment borer help to test the wood quality and the rate of growth of trees. They are manufactured with sturdy special steel and are Teflon-coated to avoid frictional heat (important when the increment borer is used to inspect standing / sap conducting trees.)

Given the damage caused to the tree, the extraction of a core sample only is justifiable when the entire information contained in the wooden core is obtained, be it by testing the stability with the Fractometer (measurement of the bending fracture strength and the compression strength) or by evaluating the actual state of health and long lasting growth rate of the tree analyzing the annual rings with the IML Measuring Table.

Application areas

  • Determination of age and growth of standing trees
  • Substantial information about the rate of growth and compartmentalization of decay by assessing visually the core sample
  • Evaluation of the actual state of health and the past evolution of the tree by analysing the annual rings (IML Measuring Table)
  • Detection of discolorations in the wood
  • Microscopic evaluation of wood
  • Measurement of the rate of growth of trees
  • Evaluation of internal defects of trees
  • Examination of wooden components
  • Evaluation of the stability with the Fractometer

Product features

  • Drilling depth: 400 mm
  • Bit: 3-spirals
  • Diameter core: 5,0 mm