Tree Ring Analysis

IML Measuring Table

The growth behaviour of trees provides important information about climatic circumstances and temporary or persistent changes of the environmental conditions. In order to correctly identify and measure the annual rings of trees with small growth, every detail of the processing and evaluation is important.

The IML Measuring Table is designed for tree ring analysis, determination of growth rates on increment cores and stem discs. The rugged Measuring Table is splash water proof and supports wood samples with up to 20 kg of weight.

Application areas

  • Dendrochronology
  • Dendroclimatology
  • Archaeology
  • Forest Research

Product features

  • Easy-to-use electronic unit
  • IML Software Center for digital recording, assessment of measurement data and export into common Dendro data formats
  • Exact evaluation of annual rings of core samples and tree discs
  • Identification of disturbances of development and growth as well as weak growth
  • Illustration and assignment of changes, dysfunctions or weak points
  • Findings about the vitality of a tree
  • Possible conclusions on environmental influences
  • Precise spindle driven system with high resolution (0,002 mm)
  • Measurement length of 400 mm
  • Sample movement per round of hand wheel: 2,5 mm
  • 2 flexible swan neck LED lights for best illumination
  • Optional larger sample support plate (300×400 mm) available for larger wood samples

Model Versions

  • IML Measuring Table, incl. small or large sample support plate
  • IML Measuring Table, incl. small sample support plate, Leica® S6E Stereomicroscope and Leica® focusing column
  • IML Measuring Table, incl. large sample support plate, Leica® S6E Stereomicroscope and Leica® focusing column with swing arm stand


Leica® S6E Stereomicroscope

  • incl. focusing column
  • Ergonomic 38° viewing angle
  • Magnification: max. 40x
  • Visual field: 36,5 mm