Pull Off Tester

The DY-2 Family of automated pull-off testers covers the complete range of pull-off applications with unmatched ease of operation and a unique capability to store a complete record of the test.

Pull-off testing is one of the most widely used test methods in the construction industry. This is reflected in the huge number of standards dedicated to the method.

It has long been known that one of the major influences on the result of a pull-off test is the operator influence in the application of a constant load rate. The DY-2 with its integrated, feedback controlled motor removes this variable completely, by providing a fully automated test at a constant load rate which can be verified.

The DY-2 is further unique in that it records every single test parameter required by the specification.


·                        Time and date of the test

·                        Test disc size

·                        Maximum load applied

·                        Automatic calculation of bond strength

·                        Applied load rate with graphical record

·                        Complete time of test

·                        Failure mode