Jolting Table


Used to compact cement mortar prism mould 40.1 x 10 x 160mm and drop
heigh of 15mm with 60 drop per minute. Manufactured according to EN 196
-1 requirement standard. The control panel fixed with main switch, auto digital
counter and push button safety switch.   

Vibrating Table
EN 196-1
Another alternative for compacting cement mortar prism
of 40.1 x 40 x 160 mm is by using this type B vibrating table. it has a flat table mounted on a supporting frame with a
controller box for adjustment of the correct amplitude that is equivalent to the compaction characteristics of the jolting table.The prism mould is attached securely to the table by using swing bolt clamps.

3-gang Mould 40.1 mm x 40mm x 160mm, EN196-1
These mould is made from Hardness Steel and all surface are grinded and
marked with identification number for correct assembly. It meets EN 196-1
Standard requirement.
Weigh: 9.5 kg 

D6/A Feed Hopper, EN 196-1
D6/B Large Scrapper, EN 196-1
D6/C Small Scrapper, EN 196-1 

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