Automatic Soil Compactor

BS 1377, 1924, ASTM D 558, D 1883, D 560, D 698

S 21
Automatic CBR/Proctor, Compactor supplied with 2.5kg and 4.5kg
drop interchangeable rammer, and dropping height is adjustable from
300mm t0 457mm. The base are automatic rotating equally and number
of blow can be reset by digital blow counter. The compactor can accept
100mm and 152.4mm compaction mould.
Power: 240V, 50Hz, 1pH


  • Suitable for mould diameter lOOmm to 152.4mm
  • Blow rate: adjustable
  • Size: 440 x 250 x 1400mm(H)
  • Weight: 155kg approx

S 21-01
    Standard compaction mould 1 liters capacity c/w
collar and solid base plate.
S 21-02    CBR mould diameter x 177.8mm height
c/w collar and solid base plate.
S 21-03    Universal extruder for marshall, proctor and CBR
mould c/w mechanical jack and handle.

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