Automatic / Manual Mortar Mixer

EN 196-1, EN 196-3 and BS 3892

Used for mixing cement mortar, 5 liters capacity Stainless Steel Bowl with
Stainless Steel Beater. The beater revolves about its axis and is driven around
the bowl in planetary motion. Two speed of mixer blade can be selected)Auto
or Manual). Low speed is 140rpm for blade and 62rpm for planetary movement.
High speed is 285rpm and 125rpm respectively. The unit fixed with automatically
till into the mixing bowl after a period of 30 second after 60 second, it will

automatically change to High Speed. The digital timer is displayed the mixing
program(Scheme) accordance to EN 196-1 requirement. Also can be manually
operated control of low and high speed by sensor touch key pad.

D 7/A Stainless Steel beater, with fitting accordance to EN 196-1
D 7/B Stainless Steel bowl, 5 liters capacity accordance EN 196-1
D 7/C Scraper made from plastic 200mm long

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