Optimus Yellow Sound Level Meters

The Optimus yellow instruments are a range of state-of-the-art sound level meters that have been designed to meet the very latest standards for noise measurement instruments.

It has been purposed-designed for applications where only basic noise data is required, such as Sound Level (SPL) or Maximum Sound Level (Lmax). These applications include fire alarm testing, machinery servicing and noise ordinance enforcement.

Why Choose Optimus Yellow?

Noise Measurement Made Easy

We want to make your job easier, so we designed to Optimus Yellow to offer the highest level of performance without the complicated setup.

  • Every parameter is measured simultaneously, so you can’t choose the wrong function or miss any data
  • All it takes is 3 button pushes to get the Optimus Yellow to start measuring. Switch On. Calibrate. Start. It’s that simple
  • With it’s large OLED display, you can easily view your measurements

Downloading Your Data is Simple

If you need the data logging version of the Optimus Yellow, we’ll include our NoiseTools noise analysis software so you can keep a record of your measurements. View the full specifications on the product table below.

You can upgrade this instrument to an Optimus Red or Optimus Green at any time, future-proofing your investment. Contact our Noise Experts today to find out more.

Which Optimus Yellow is right for you?

There are 4 versions of the Optimus Yellow Sound Level Meters, 2 with Class 2 performance and 2 with Class 1 performance.

The table below shows the different versions and options available with each instrument.

You can also use our interactive Optimus Product Selector to find the best instrument for you.

Instrument Class 1 Class 2 Sound Level Data Logging VoiceTag Software Support Measurement Kit
CR:152A Yes Yes CK:152A
CR:151A Yes Yes CK:151A
CR:152B Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes CK:152B
CR:151B Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes CK:151B