Field Vane Shear Apparatus

The most widely used method for measuring the undrained shear strength and sensitivity of soft clays in-situ

  • Detailed field investigation of undrained shear strength and sensitivity of soft and medium stiff clays
  • Hand operated from 0 to 30 metres depth
  • 2 vane sizes
    0-60kPa and 0-100kPa measurement ranges
  • Highly accurate results, suitable for earth fill foundation and embankment design

This is a fully protected, pressure push-in, field vane instrument. No rod-soil friction is possible due to the tube-protected rods. The protection shoe not only protects the vane but also cleans it automatically before each measurement, which is particularly useful in stratified, sandy, stony and marine sediment clays.


Pressure push-in, no hammering. By hand with ground-anchored jacking system or with a hydraulic drilling rig.
Instrument: Gear driven, accuracy of torque reading ±0.5% of range.
Measurement range: 0-060kPa (0-6 T/m²) and 0-100kPa (0-10 T/m²)

Specification Lower part
Total length with the vane extended: 1430mm
Maximum outer diameter: 77mm
Weight: 15kg
Vane 55mm x 110mm
Vane 65mm x 130mm
Specification Readout Instrument
Maximum outer diameter: 320mm
Weight including instrument case 16kg
Kit Comprises
Readout Instrument
Vane borer lower part with vanes
Set of spare vanes and protection tube
30 extension tubes and rods
Pre-boring equipment
Complete insertion/extraction with rack jack, ball cone clamp, anchoring screws etc.
Steel transport cases
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