Digital Weighing Indicator DN500N

  • Platform scale, Truck scale,
  • Tension/compression tester, Horse weigher,etc.
  • 50 kind of parts number can be memorized
  • Watch-dog function installed for diagnostics
  • Data back up against power stoppage.
  • Front display window covered by lexan film for the protecting of dust
  • Weighing judgment by over & under setting when printer is connected
  • Three kinds of hold function (peak-hold and averagehold, auto-hold)
  • Can drive up to 8pcs of load cell (350.)
  • RS-232C and CURRENT LOOP standard installed


Specifications Accuracy
Load cell excitation 10VDC±5%, 320mA
Input Signal 0.5 ~ 3.0mV/V
A/D converting speed 200times/sec
A/D converter resolution 1/520,000 counts(19bits), Δ∑
Non-linearity 0.01% of full scale
Zero adjustment range -0.6mV~42mV
Display Unit 7 segment, 20.0mm(H)×13.0(W)mm
Annunciator steady, zero, tare, gross, auto, print, hold,Interface
Decimal point position 0, 0.0, 0.00, 0.000
Keyboard Number key and function key 16 PCS.
Temperature-drift zero ±20PPM/℃, span ±20PPM/℃
Non-linearity 0.01% of full scale
Rear panel Loadcell input : 5pin connector
External control : 12pin input terminal
(zero, tare,tare reset/hold/print, gross/hold reset/subprint,Current loop, RS232C)
Power SMPS Free Voltage (85V~265V)


  • Analog Out-put (V-out) : 0~10V
  • Analog Out-put (I-out) : 4~20mA
  • Serial I / F : RS-422, RS-485
  • BCD In-put
  • BCD In-out
  • RS3232C and Current loop : Standard Installed