Automatic Flexural Test Machine

Automatic flexural test machine 100 kN
capacity with Autocon 2000 digital readout


UNIT TEST flexural test machines are designed for breaking test of beams, tiles, kerbs and other rectangular or square specimens. Its upper supporting rollers can be easily removed by users for single point or double point loading. The bottom supporting rollers can be easily moved apart for the required distance. When requesting for a quotation, kindly mention types of specimen to be tested and provide us with the test standard so that we can supply the flexural machine with the correct specifications.

100 kN capacity flexural /transverse load (bending) frame FT-100/EL
-Distance between lower supporting rollers are adjustable from 200 to 750 mm apart
-Maximum specimen size acceptable is 200 x 550 x 800 mm (H xWx L)
-Maximum vertical clearance from upper to lower supporting rollers is 2’10 mm
-Maximum ram travel is 150 mm
-Stable fabrication frame ensure rigidity during testing
-Test on flagstone, kerbs and beams of up to 200 mm square section
-Hydraulic pressure supplied by motorised or automatic power pack
-Upper supporting rollers are removeable for single or double point loading
-Comply to BS EN 12390-5, ASTM C78, ASTM C293